CarSponsors.com Partners with Weapon-R to Expand Sponsorship Opportunities

(October 17, 2014) – CarSponsors.com, an innovative agency that connects car enthusiasts with company sponsorships, has announced a new partnership with Weapon-R, the well-respected, high-end customized parts company. Weapon-R produces everything from intake and exhaust kits to torque dampers, silicon hose kits, pipes, headers and custom styling details like aluminum reservoir tanks and racing harnesses. CarSponsors.com works with dozens of the biggest names in the auto industry like Weapon-R to create sponsorship packages that allow owners to build, customize or repair their ride at low to zero cost.

“We’re thrilled that Weapon-R has joined our roster of sponsoring companies,” said Robert L. Egizi, President and CEO of CarSponsors.com. “Their reputation is one of quality and style and we look forward to forging relationships between them and new car owners looking to secure full or partial sponsorships.”

CarSponsors.com works with major automotive brands like Action Clutch, Carid, Seibon Carbon, Powerstop Brakes, Carware, Plasmaglow, VerticalDoors, Air-Lift and others. They have a simple, streamlined online application process. By completing the free review, they can notify applicants within 48 hours whether a sponsorship opportunity is possible. After that, there’s a one-time agency $79 fee, which is refundable within 48-hours of submitting it, no questions asked. If approved, the driver will have access to sponsorships for one year.

CarSponsors.com works with its long-established business partners and has successfully sponsored all types of vehicles, including import, domestic, stock, show cars, classics, race cars and even motorcycles, trucks, school buses and go-carts. Aside from the one-time $79 agency fee, there are no other costs to attain sponsorships. Sponsorships come in several forms. They may be a full sponsorship, meaning there is no cost to the driver aside from the time, decals or other reciprocation to the sponsor company. Partial sponsorships allow a driver to buy parts at a discount. Occasionally basic cash sponsorships are also available, depending on the company and their marketing needs.

Anyone interested in partnership results is encouraged to check out the CarSponsors.com Testimonials Page, which includes reviews like this one from Michael Sotelo of Kissimmee, FL – “I have so many more opportunities now then I would of ever had on my own. CarSponsors.com is a company that is in it for the car lovers not for the company. Proud to be a member, and can not wait to get my GTI where I have envisioned it.”

For a full Weapon-R product line, visit http://www.weapon-r.com/. For more details on getting sponsored, visit http://www.CarSponsors.com and join their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/CarSponsors.