Vivid Illumination

Vivid Illumination and Performance has teamed up with to offer its team members sponsorships. Vivid is a site that is dedicated to your off-road, ATV, shop, or any other lighting needs you may have. They only carry the tried and tested best products out there, so you know that if you order from them you will be getting top quality.

Founded in 2014, they are the new name on the block, but they certainly hope that is not the case for the future. The company strives to provide the pinnacle of performance products while providing top notch customer service. They will be working with the industry leaders as well as the new names to help bring the ideal products for your application to your door. As they grow, they encourage you to grow with them. Stay in contact with them concerning any questions you may have, whether it involves products they sell or not. Even if they are not able to furnish an answer for you right away they will let you know that and will work to find the answer for you.

You might find that the prices through this company may be a little bit higher than those you might find on e-bay for a “similar” part. Vivid Illumination and Performances commitment to you is to provide only the top quality products and the information that you need to make an educated decision on your purchase. They want you to be happy with what you are buying and get exactly what you expect to get. They also have had first-hand experience with at least one product from the many brands that they carry and eventually intend to get their hands on every part in time. As this dream gets off the ground they are planning on bringing comparisons and other helpful information into the blog section of this website for you to peruse and educate yourself with.
Examples of these brands are Lightforce, Vision X, and IPCW. Many of these products will make it onto their site as they are able to test them and the site grows. As their name implies they are also partnered with many performance part companies as well who carry everything from intake/exhaust components to electronics and fuel upgrades.

For more information about Vivid Illumination and Performances, you can visit their website at:

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