Classic Car Sponsorships

Get Your Classic Car Sponsored

Having and keeping an classic car maintained can be a costly endeavor, and the mere consideration of getting a classic car sponsored is a monstrous venture. However, there are some completely feasible options.

If you are a car enthusiast who cannot live without your classic Mustangs, Chevy Novas, antique Model T’s, or vintage Corvettes, this is a great place to start. Sponsorships without the hassle for parts, exterior maintenance, wheels, and more are easily provided at Cars like the beautiful ‘57 Chevy and the unmistakable ’63 Corvette Sting Ray provide a particular status in the automobile world. While these cars are used in everything from movies to advertisements, they’re also the envy of every collector. To possess one of these classic cars in great condition is something worth being proud of. Unfortunately, the maintenance on these exquisite, yet older cars is costly. When having these cars, sponsorships are a very necessary thing to have. They can help minimize the costs of maintenance of parts and the beautiful exterior, all for the small price of is a new way to avoid the headache and time consuming process of trying to find a sponsor. Let’s face it: everyone has heard the horror stories of trying to obtain a sponsor without having a major media presence. With, the hassle has become obsolete. The online application process only takes 24-48 hours and the amount of experience you have has little to do with how you qualify. There are several types offered, ranging from parts, exterior, audio, cash, and more. All these have the capacity to make the lives of you and your beautiful classic and antique car easier. If you are ready to take the step to get your classic and antique car sponsored, go ahead and fill out your sponsorship application today.
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