Working with and with CBI Offroad Fabrication has been so great!

Working with and with CBI Offroad Fabrication has been so great! CBI has great products that are made well and fit well. They have sturdy off road products that fit a wide range of vehicles and as time goes on, they keep expanding their options! If you are looking for a good American company with great off road products, check them out! communicates their expectations clearly and have bent over backwards for me, even though they’ve know me for a short period of time. They have great connections with many big name companies and are even willing to reach out to companies that aren’t currently in their circle that you want to be sponsored by. The possibilities for sponsorship is limitless with!

About the Install: Install was fairly easy. Due to website issues I had to email them to get the instructions, which wasn’t a big deal for me. I do feel they were missing a step though. There is a fender bolt near the upper hinge of the doors that, when removed, makes accessing the hinge bolts 100 times easier! You can even shut the hood completely and access the hinge bolts to make the final tightening of those bolts a breeze. They look amazing and fit perfectly. Their instructions say to remove and discard the little cowl side pieces, but if you trim them, you can put them back on. I love the product and if they made them for my old Ford truck, I’d buy those too!