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Offroad Starter kit
Offroad Starter kit

About Installation

I wanted to get some detailing supplies/ accessories that would be dedicated for my dirtbike. This kit was exactly what I needed & I love the quality of the products

CarSponsors Testimonial / Review

I was hesitant at first about CarSponsors but I was pleasantly surprised by how user friendly their platform is & the amount of sponsorship partners they have to choose from. Slick Products was the first product I’ve tried through CS & I absolutely love it. Shipping was super quick! The degreaser & heavy duty brush work great together for any gunk build up in hard to reach areas. Also the shine/protect formula did wonders on the plastics & graphics. Slicks is definitely going to be my go-to for any detail products. I’m already planning on getting the full offroad detail kit for my truck next!
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