Sponsored Product Installed:
3 stage clutch kit with lightweight flywheel
3 stage clutch kit with lightweight flywheel

About Installation

Took me from 730 to 5 at my shop . I was taking my time . Everything went in beautifuly. Ran into one issue slave cylinder gave out on me in the process. But been driving for bout an hour now and it really just grabs. Can't wait to finish breaking it in.

CarSponsors Testimonial / Review

Just a amazing opportunity carsponsors has provided me with. Putting my name out there and really taking care of me. The team has landed me a partial sponsorship with a top end brand. Action clutch. Just 100 percent love the product made a huge difference in the get up and go of the car. The clutch kicks are going to be so crisp now . I send thanks to carsponsors and action clutch for everything .
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