Sponsored Product Installed:
RST-012SA-Y Steering wheel
RST-012SA-Y Steering wheel

About Installation

The box was very presentable and the wheel came with a new horn button and screws. Everything in the box is perfectly set up to throw on your quick release and get driving, only took 5 minutes to install and I was able to drive as soon as I put it on!

CarSponsors Testimonial / Review

I’ve always wanted to work with since before I had my license, being young it was great to be able to get a steering wheel I’ve always wanted at a price I could afford! My Integra has always had a NRG innovations steering wheel since I bought it, that wheel was a wooden style rim with neo chrome spoke, wasn’t really my style but it held up for years! My new wheel is leather with a yellow racing stripe and a black spoke, it inspires confidence when taking corners and it has changed my perspective driving my car, I’ll be coming back for more!
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