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Started in 2014, we are the new name on the block, but we certainly hope that is not the case into the future. We strive to provide the pinnacle of performance products while providing top notch customer service. We will be working with the industry leaders as well as the new names to help bring the ideal products for your application to your door. As we grow, we encourage you to grow with us. Stay in contact with us concerning any questions you may have, whether it involves products we sell or not. Even if we are not able to furnish an answer for you right now we will let you know that and find the answer for you. You might find that the prices here might be a little bit higher than those you might find on ebay for a ""similar"" part. Our commitment to you is to provide only the top quality products and the information that you need to make an educated decision on your purchase. We want you to be happy with what you are buying and get exactly what you expect to get. We have had first hand experience with at least one product from all of the brands we carry and eventually intend to get our hands on every part in time. As this dream gets off the ground we are planning on bringing comparisons and other helpful information into the blog section of this website for you to peruse and educate yourself with.Thank you for choosing Vivid Illumination and Performance, where our VIP initials aren't just a coincidence. Also, please join our mailing list. We know what you are thinking, ""no, not just another spammy newsletter"". We hear you there and can assure you that we hate the daily spam newsletters that we find littering our inboxes as much as you do. You will never have this happen from us. You will only hear from us in this format if there is something that we find that you, the consumer, should be really in the know about.