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Pro-Spec Autosport was started back in 1999 at the infant stage of import performance car scene. During the time Pro-Spec Autosport was one of the few shops around the Boston area. What started as an hobby, turned into a solid business focus mainly on import tuning. In 2002, Prop-Spec Autosport received “MOST VALUABLE DEALER” award from TRUST/GReddy. SuperStreet Magazine cover in 2008 featuring one of the most well know EVO 9 build. 2014, first Rocket Bunny fd rx7 was build in house. 2015 first Rocket Bunny 350z in the eastcoast was build and it is currently parked in our showroom. 2016 the first pandem rocketbunny boss s14 in New England was finally shown in public. Pro-Spec Autosport has all ways been known to be the trend setter in the car scene. We are also known as the premier JDM parts shop in Massachusetts, but that does not mean we only work on import cars, we are also domestic and euro friendly. Our goal is simple. Provide the best service, best pricing and help to our customers.