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PLX Devices - Engine managementKiwi 2+, a classic with a new sleeker look. Kiwi 2+ is an overhaul of the best selling Kiwi 2. Using standard OBD, Bluetooth, and WiFi technology Kiwi 3 is compatible with any non-proprietary OBD app on the market including DashCommand, Torque, and Harry's LapTimer.2 times faster than the closest competitorCompatible with Android, OR iOS/iPhoneLow power consumption (1.24 Watts active, 0.1 Watts sleep)Low profile (1.4” out of the OBD port)Manual reconnect push buttonKiwi 3 is the next generation of car to smartphone technology. Kiwi 3 utilizes Bluetooth 4.1 technology which gives it a significant edge over all other technology in the market. We partnered with OBD industry leading app developers DashCommand, Torque, Harry's LapTimer, OBD Auto Doctor, and OBD Car Doctor to deliver the ultimate user experience. Kiwi 3 has all of the features of Kiwi 2+ as well as being:4 times faster than the closest competitorCompatible with Android, iOS/iPhone, AND Windows MobileUltra low power consumption (0.2 Watts active, 0.05 Watts sleep)Ultra low profile (0.7” out of the OBD port)Automatically reconnects upon starting the vehicle