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Modular Mustang Racing (A division of Modular Motorsports Inc) was founded in 1993.It had its humble beginnings in a residential garage specializing in Mustang parts installations. The owners quest for speed took him from the garage environment to prototyping and installing Supercharger kits for PAXTON SUPERCHARGERS. Later he was hired by the Famous Paxton Supercharger family to head up their sales and design division where he remained for a few years. In an effort to broaden his knowledge in the Mustang aftermarket field he accepted a position working for Best Products/Pro-M where he learned about the amazing science off Airflow Dynamics and Mass Air sensor technology. Multiple positions within the industry proved to be tiresome and so the owner decided to concentrate only on his growing business.MMR was the first company in 2003 to turbocharge an 03′ Cobra for the owners at X2C Motorsports, the results were astounding with 866rwhp on a completely stock engine equipped with a FAST system and MMR’s tuning ability. We didn’t stop there, next was build the fastest street style Modular powered vehicle, the new engine would be a 5.4 DOHC derived from the Lincoln Navigator, the bigger cubic inches and 92mm custom turbo kit were sure to push this car into the record books again-that it did.In an effort to have the fastest street cars in California MMR has always pushed the limits of the streetable Mustang, of course today we have surpassed many of our goals by being rated in the TOP 10 by Hot Rod magazine in 2003 all the way to holding the record for the fastest 5-speed mustang with an incredible 8.99@154 in 2003 along with being the worlds quickest and fastest Modular Powered Mustang using stock suspension in 2004 with an incredible 8.07 at 176.8 MPH.For the 2005-2008 Season MMR unleashed its newest breed of race car powered by the most powerful modular engine in the world, making over 2100 HP! The new car was in the record books again with a 7.88 @ 182 making it the quickest and Fastest full bodied 05′ Modular Powered Mustang to date!2009 Finished with a bang for MMR and despite the economy MMR had its best year in sales ever, and continues the distribution of its legendary engines to locations as remote as Iceland and as far as Australia.In 2009 Team MMR was working on its most potent racecar to date, a 2010 Shelby GT 500 powered by ultra High Tech Modular powerplant expected to propel the new car into the record books once again! In usual MMR Fashion it did. Shattering all of the previous records set by MMR and others. The New MMR GT500 broke the 200 MPH barrier with a 6.99 @ 205.4 making it the worlds fastest non tube Chassis Modular powered Mustang in the World!In 2011 MMR began work on its newest flagship, MMR entered the Pro ranks with its Jerry Haas Built Tube Chassis Mustang GT500, like all of the MMR team cars it is powered by a 100% Built and engineered MMR Race engine making in excess of 3000HP. MMR entered the record books again in 2015 with the worlds quickest and fastest Modular Powered 5.4 EVER running a best of 5.95 at 246.89 MPH and was the first 5.4 Modular powered vehicle to win a NMCA/NHRA sanctioned event in 2012 and first to run in the 5’s.For 2012 MMR has spent countless hours of R+D perfecting the new High HP 5.0 Coyote Powerplants with hopes of building the most powerful Coyote engine in the world and certainly the quickest. That it did, when the Coyote Powered Mustang hit the dragstrip in late 2012 setting the world record on its third pass with a 7.02 @ 202.5 MPH!!At MMR customer Service is very important , MMR is rated by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with its highest possible rating (A+), has the best grade of all of its competitors, and stands behind all of its products and services.