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Ever since 2008 when I saw the E92 M3 for first time, it has been my dream car throughout college. The sound of the V8 and its sculptural and muscular form left a very powerful impression. When I finally got the E92 M3 competition of my own, I decided to make a one of a kind special edition GT5 build. Being a professional designer myself, there was something special about taking a car I love and turning it into my own special design. I wanted to capture the essence of the original E92 theme but with a modernized design. The lines and volumes were carefully designed and built in past two years of development. GT5 however, is not all just for show. Also being a driving enthusiast, it is important to have a design that is as functional as its looks. The aerodynamics were also implemented in design and front splitter even has an opening for the brake cooling. Any part of this GT5 kit will surely make your M3 a fresh look it deserves.