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As car enthusiasts, we know that when you get your hands on a car you like you have goals. Wheels, mild performance upgrades and suspension. Its how every build starts. There are so many choices...brands you've heard of, brands you haven't, one brand looks exactly like another but its $300 less, etc. You read reviews, you search google and you finally settle on two choices and it ultimately comes down to price. But should it?Imagine, you've worked for weeks to save up for your next modification; in this case its the suspension. You can buy a certain brand that the whole internet uses for $895 plus shipping, or you can treat yourself and spend a little extra on a new up-and-coming brand. Which do you chose? If you're still hung up on price...wait a moment...What do you get for $895? You get something that works, and probably well enough for 75% of people. It's generic, no real frills and you have to pay extra for little things like rear camber plates, etc. Didn't you buy your car and modify it the way you wanted to stand apart from the crowd rather than join it? If you're doing what everyone else does, what is there to talk about?The other choice is Flatout. Sure, its a little more than that other brand, but for good reason. You aren't getting some generically built shock. Every single part has a purpose and was chosen for good reason. For example; stainless steel shims, they won't warp and they remain true in the worst conditions. Or the oil inside; most companies just use some generic shock oil that wears quickly or turns to foam rather easily. You want an oil that remains consistent and keeps everything lubricated. There's a lot of metal moving very quickly inside the shocks, that generates a good amount of heat. The synthetic oil inside of every Flatout shock was chosen to preserve the life of the shock and to keep it running for years to come.Another reason to chose Flatout is servicing. Our new X52 shock is user rebuildable. If you don't have the confidence to do it yourself, anyone that can rebuild shocks should be able to do it for you. If you are the DIY type, we can sell you a rebuild kit. The hardest part for you will be recharging the nitrogen, but if you do some digging, that's easily solved. If you can't find someone and you don't want to do it yourself, send it back. We'll take care of it for you for $125/ corner.