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Flashtech is the premier Manufacture of the leading edge of technology in the automotive lighting industry. Our products are not only unique to Flashtech but have been designed with the customer in mind.Supporting customers, distributors, certified installers, and retailers anytime, anywhereOffering quality products at reasonable pricesProviding exceptional customer service anytime, anywhere, to anyoneContributing to increased knowledge of the aftermarket communities through our service and participation in local, regional, national, and international eventsEverything we do at Flashtech stems from the belief that our company can be successful and serve the aftermarket community well. After being in the aftermarket community for many years it has become evident through trials and tribulations on how to effectively support the ever growing and changing automotive community. With this belief and determination to ever improve on how we provide and treat our potential customers, motivates us to ever strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers. This results in an ever-growing effort to make sure all customers and potential customers are satisfied on every level!