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Born in Brooklyn N.Y. I was brought home from the hospital in a 1928 Model A Ford two door sedan. My first words, according to Pops, were ""28 Ford-Don't Touch"". It was apparent early on that I would have a life long love affair with automobiles. Matter of fact it was not 'till my Grandfather passed away on my Mother's side that we found an article in his closet of my Great Grandfather Lois Langford. He was the inventor of the first Hydromatic transmission now known as the automatic transmission.(CLICK HERE : AUTOGLIDE TRANSMITTER) So it was destiny...it was already in my genes.I was raised in the Antique Car Business and wrenched on many cars as a teenager including my beloved 65 Lincoln convertible. As an adult I have made a profession of selling Toyota's beginning back in 1989. Yes I am dating myself here! Ha. Scions popped into the U.S. in 2004 reigniting my passion for building and modifying cars. During my twenty two year career selling automobiles, I had great success garnering just about every award available. Rolex watches, trips, cash, plaques, and status as a 17 year Pros member. (Professional Retail Outstanding Sales Consultant) This group represents the ""best of the best"" sales consultants in the five state Southeast region of which I had become one of the top fifty. Other opportunities arose from this status such as being able to film training videos for Southeast Toyota, being the first vendor to be approved for Scion Exposed events as Scionpro.com now d2bdmotowerks.com and building the Glide Surf Woodie in the Club Joes VS. Scion Pros competition for charity. The cherry on top was a personal invite to Japan due to my xGangster renderings to meet the President of Toyota Katsuaki Wantanabe along with all the chief engineers of Scion! Headed up by Jack Hollis CEO Scion USA, we were toured all over the manufacturing plants in Nagoya, several museums and palaces then brought to Toyota headquarters in Tokyo for an all out celebration of the five year anniversary of Scion in 2008. Upon my return to the dealership was a Katana Sword with the President Wantanabe's signature on the stand! Talk about lifetime memory! I am so very grateful for this experience.Enough of that. All said and done, seven years after launching Scionpro.com I had walked away from sales 01/10/2011 to pursue my dream of running Dare 2B Different! Enterprises Inc. full time! The goal?... to become a recognized designer of unique high quality parts in the industry and the pursuit of some day becoming a OEM supplier. My real passion has and always will be customizing cars. I have never owned a stock vehicle....ever. It is a pure pleasure to see and explore the customizing ideas and finished products of others. They are like finger prints....no two are alike....different. Hence my trademark Dare 2B Different!(r)Dare 2B Different! Motorwerks will assist you to make your car stand out in a crowd as an individual, not be one of the flock. d2bdmotorwerks.com will provide the styling parts you need to achieve your goals. Now CELEBRATING our 12th year anniversary 07/01/2016 the Dare 2B Different! in house made parts will expand adding more parts each quarter to suit the broader market. As long as my mind is churning there are parts coming out .. Looking towards 2017 to finally hit other markets with our new GLASSSKINZ(R).Sticking to a styling parts and accessories theme we have added the full line of American Car Craft Stainless steel dress up parts for muscle cars like the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Corvette, Ford Thunderbird, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Chrysler 300 and even Ford trucks like the F150 and Raptor. Additional Air ride kits for a variety of makes from Airlift Performance and AirForce have been added to the site as well serving the broader Asian, Korean,Domestic and European markets. Dare2BDifferent! will continue its expansion through 2017 to include a wider range of products to suit many brand and makes needs. I am looking forward to the future of Dare 2B Different! /D2BDMotorwerks.com as it grows to meet the wider needs of the market. Meeting new people and getting to go to multi brand car shows to see the individuality of design is my dream and my passion. Dare 2B Different! (r)- See more at: http://d2bdmotorwerks.com/p-5429-about.html#sthash.Qp5Nb5Ha.dpuf"