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Cushman Motorsports, aka CMS, was founded by Jim Cushman in 2007. After years of building the baddest Mod Motors on the planet with VT Engines, it was time to do it for himself. CMS is home to the best Modular cams in the market. We are also home to the current quickest and fastest NA modular! 9.20@146pmh. We know how to make power! While Mod Motors are our thing, we also cater to the pushrod GM and Ford crowd as well. We offer many high performance products from some of the top companies in the biz. We expand our parts selection constantly, so check back often. If there is something you are looking for and don't see, simply contact us and ask! We also offer various forum discounts as well as a military discount. Contact us for more info.CMS - We make horsepower, not excuses!