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Welcome to Cquence, an online store that specializes in automotive brake parts! Cquence is committed to providing you with high-quality brake parts at affordable prices. It is our continued effort to offer top brands, innovative brake rotor designs and brake pad formulations to suit all types of driving styles. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have been moving up in the performance brake marketplace. This was achieved by a combination of innovative technology along with our commitment to quality and service. Since we specialize in only brake parts, we realize that there are many types of drivers. We aim to meet or exceed the expectations of all drivers, so we devised brake rotor designs Street, Performance, and Sport that provide enhanced performance and style. All of our products are designed with safety, comfort, better performance and appearance in mind.What We DoThe process begins by selecting only the highest quality, OEM approved brake rotors. We ensure that surface quality, vent designs, and finished surfaces meet or exceed strict standards. Each application is drawn to scale and precisely CNC machined to achieve maximum quality and performance. We use machining techniques that do not compromise the structural integrity of the brake rotors. All brake rotors are manufactured to meet QS and ISO quality system standards and are a direct replacement for OEM brake rotors with no modification required. Our Commitment to QualityBrake parts are an important safety element for any vehicle. For this reason, we wish only to provide high-quality brake rotors that meet and exceed safety requirements. We offer a one year warranty against warping, cracking, and manufacturer's defects.