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Since 2001, Clayton Off Road has been setting the standards for long-arm suspension kits. In November 2002, we became the first suspension manufacturer to offer long-arm suspensions for all four of the major Jeep® models, TJ, XJ, WJ and ZJ. Clayton Walters, co-owner and founder of Clayton Off Road, began operations in a one-car garage, designing and manufacturing rocker-panel protection and bumpers for his own personal vehicle, a Jeep ZJ. In 2001, after driving a ZJ with a 6” lift and a short-arm suspension for a year as a daily driver, he recognized the need for a new suspension system to make the ZJ a pleasure to drive again. In June 2001, Clayton Off Road Manufacturing, LLC was established and debuted its ZJ long-arm suspension at the Grand Slam East event in Gore, Va. Having driven the ZJ over 400 miles to the event, and then wheeling the toughest trails at the event, the suspension was a huge success. By August 2001, production was in full swing on the ZJ long-arm kits. We followed the ZJ kit with the release of the XJ kit in November 2001, and in December 2001, we began developing the first-ever WJ long-arm kit. In February 2002, our 4-link rear WJ kit was released to complete our long-arm suspension kits for the unibody family of Jeeps. In July 2002, we started developing a long-arm, 4-link rear suspension system for the TJ. With the release of this kit in November 2002, Clayton Off Road became the only manufacturer to offer long-arm kits for all of the major Jeep models. In 2007, with the new JK hitting the market, we began to assess what kind of lift was needed. With the design improvements on the JK, Clayton Off Road developed a standard length-based control-arm suspension.Clayton Off Road Manufacturing, LLC wasn’t founded on a business plan. The Company started as a hobby with a solid business philosophy to provide our customers with the highest quality and most durable products available in the industry, with superior customer service. We feel that we have achieved this goal based on consistent customer feedback and the growth we have seen in our business over the years. At Clayton Off Road, we have a passion for off-roading, Jeeps, and our business. When we aren’t working, you’ll find us competing at a local competition, on a trail ride with a local club or just out 4-wheeling with friends.All of the product designs and developments are thoroughly tested by the owners of Clayton Off Road in real world situations to ensure that the product is safe and properly functioning. Our “keep it simple” design philosophy makes our products reliable in order to provide years of trouble-free use. Over the years, our products have been tested and abused in professional rock crawling competitions across the country. In addition, our products have been used on daily drivers for customers across the country and around the world. We use the latest technology to manufacture our products, including laser cutters, CNC press brakes, millers and turning centers to provide close tolerance parts for your vehicle. The highest quality hardware and components are used to create the best suspension products on the market. We back this claim with a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking for any of our products.Clayton Off Road is not just a suspension manufacturer. We are also drive-train experts with years of experience with transfer cases, drive shafts, gears, lockers and complete custom-axle assemblies. We offer custom fabrication that can meet just about any of your needs — from the simplest part, to a complete turnkey buggy. Installation of our products along with products created by other manufacturers is available at our facility. In fact, we are dealers for many of the top manufactures in the United States. We won’t sell you a product unless we have used it and tested it in our own vehicles to prove that it meets our standards. This knowledge and experience lets us help you build a vehicle that you can have trouble-free fun with for years.Don’t take our word for it. Every manufacturer will tell you that their stuff is the best. Do some research and talk to someone that runs our products. Keep in mind that the growth of our business has been through word-of-mouth advertising, so we’re confident that you’ll choose a Clayton Off Road product once you’ve done your research.