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CarbonMiata is a project started in 2013 that consists in providing fiberglass and carbon fiber parts to the MX-5 and RX-7 communities. We decided to start our range of products with some classic replica versions of the existing OEM parts but we also started to do design some new parts to offer something new and unique to the - already huge - range of products available for Mx-5s/Rx-7 (All ideas/suggestions are welcomed).Here are all the details concerning the products you can find on www.carbonmiata.comWe will try to provide you the highest quality of carbon parts at an affordable priceAll carbon fiber products are:- 3K carbon fiber 1x1 twill (made in Japan)- 240g+450g carbon fiber manufactured using vacuum bag (same process for Carbon Kevlar)- 45 * weaving- anti-UV gloss clear coating for a lasting shiny effect- fit on the Mx-5 NA/NB/NC/ND and RX-7 FC/FD models as in the description (make sure to check the year model)- accessories required to fit the parts will be included (if necessary)