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Amani Forged multi-piece wheels are built on high-end design and unmatched quality. Each Amani Forged Series has it’s own passion-driven style worthy of praise. Each of these series are carefully designed and tailored by artists from a wide range of industries. The four Amani Forged series’ are comprised of over 60 unique designs. The Forged Series is the original, boasting 41 forged wheels, the Concave series follows with 9 concave forged designs, the Platinum Series has 9 ingenious designs of the utmost quality, and finally, the newest series- the Sandman Series is designed by one of the most notorious designers in the world. And even with 60 unique wheel designs, there’s always more to come with Amani Forged. These incredibly designed wheels also stand on quality. A state of the art paint line launched in April 2014 ensures the finest detail and color matching quality. When you join Team Amani, you’re joining a team built upon the highest quality product in the world.