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Based on the corporate principal that places the highest priority on product quality and technological efficiency, Advan Carbon Technologies is unrivaled in manufacturing the best carbon fiber automotive racing products. We pride ourselves in the craftmanship of U.S. Made products using All American Made materials.Established in early 2004, Advan Carbon Technologies Directors have roots as broad enthusisasts of Domestic, European and Japanese Car Tuning Industries. Specializing in Carbon Fiber Products and the Innovation of Carbon Fiber Technology, Advan Carbon has the capability of making wet-laid, Vacuum Bag, Vacuum Infusion, Light RTM and even Dry Carbon. Advan Carbon has been working very closely in developing products together with many Automobiles Makers & Tuner Specialists. All Advan Carbon Products ONLY use Air Craft Grade “AAA” Carbon Material direct from well known American Carbon Manufacturers. “Light Weight” is the Key to getting Carbon Product so please see “weight” on individual product. All Advan Carbon Products comes in Standard Black 2X2 Twill Weave with Glossy Clear Coat only, however, options are available for most products. All accessories such as Hood Pins, Steel Rods, Different Color Paint Schemes and Other Brand Stickers are not included unless stated. Some pictures are for reference only.OFF-ROAD USE & HOOD PINS STATEMENTAdvan Carbon always put carbonfiber materials around inner latch area on all of our hoods for stronger and more rigid structural.All of Advan Carbon hoods are for OFF-ROAD use only plus all rear hinges/ front latch hood require to use hood pins for safety.All of after market composites hood never been in crashed tested therefore you have to use hood pins for safety in order to use it. It is very unfortunate as no one able to tell how it happened after the incident when the incident happened without using hood pins as it could caused many factors. Most of them it probably you did not close the hood until it clicked/ locked properly. This will be easily prevented by using aftermarket hood pins.However, there is nothing can prevent when it did not latch properly as composites hood is very light weight so the wind gets in between is very strong and be able to lift the hood.Advan Carbon Technologies continues to develop quality carbon fiber products for car enthusiasts while offering private label programs for the automotive market.