Rocky Mountain Suspension

Rocky Mountain Suspension

Rocky Mountain Suspension – Welcome to Rocky Mountain Suspension. Our company was started over 25 years ago in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We’ve since moved our call center from the snowy mountains in the west to the warmer southeast. We remain a small family business dedicated to offering high quality products and superior customer service. Our team of non-commissioned sales and tech staff can be trusted to provide you with honest opinions and good advice. Our prices are competitive and our service is second to none. In this internet based world of retail it’s easy to get distracted by promises of “lowest pricing” and “quickest shipping”. When selecting your lift you want to be certain that you choose a company that not only offers you a low price but that will also be around to resolve any issues promptly and fairly. After all, returning a 6” lift kit isn’t exactly like returning a sweater

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2 weeks ago

Rocky Mountain Suspension

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Nicholas Ebbs-Biro Katelyn Christman 😂😂😂😘 love u

Rusty Pugh

Hailey Nicole Harper

Edgar Carrasco


Anthony Pereira

David Arcand hahaha l'autre matin

Tony ParnellTony try this

Kyle Smoker-Moore

This gets me every time 😂😂

Aron McCarver

Jamie Marcy Crawford

I must be doing something wrong. I flip the switch and mash the pedal once and mine fires right up

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When you have several old pallets lying around the shop ... See MoreSee Less

When you have several old pallets lying around the shop


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Sam Loughran

Mason Alexander Hipkins

Trey Houston

Charlie Gibbs

Marlan H Felshaw

Israel Rojas

Pete Siaperas

Jessica Bare

Will Crews let’s put wood planks all over yours.

Lincoln Hemphill

Shawn Ewaskey can you do it better

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2 months ago

Rocky Mountain Suspension

Preview of the new 2020 HD series ... See MoreSee Less

Preview of the new 2020 HD seriesImage attachment


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Are price tagged at $90k yet? 🙄

If I wanted a ford I would of bought one....

Looks stupid sorry GM I love you 80’s and older vehicles

Will be after this is released... worlds ugliest truck

Steve Jeanminette Kent Olivier look like somebody grandpa who paid a crack head $20 for some hubcaps and a headlight relocation. That’s a damn shame.

Why all the bed steps on new rigs? I want to fall off on my own thanks!

I thought Chevy was closing up shop

That's a really ugly front end and that's coming from someone who likes the Chevy Silverado front end

Ryan Brosh that’s not to easy to look at lol

It's different for sure.

Looks like the Nissan Titan from the side.

Steve Jeanminette WTF is this?????? GM making us lookk nad. This has to be a base model....concept model something. OMG, that thing look bad.

Literally trash

When you beat something with the corporate ugly stick long enough. . . . this is what you get. . . .

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3 months ago

Rocky Mountain Suspension

Best Halloween truck we've seen yet! #getlifted

Diesel truck addicts
Happy Halloween 🎃🎃🎃👻👻👻 Follow us on instagram for more @dieseltruckaddicts 👻👻
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Blanca Amezcua

Mira Oscar Diaz pon asi la tuya con un dollar boy jajajjajajajjajaja

Hell yeah

Looks neat

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