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Freshly made for Chevrolet Silverado and Gmc Sierra. In-vehicle demo video coming soon. Android 7.1 12.1 inch Vertical screen. 256 color button lights. Retaining OEM features. #verticalscreen #Android7 #splitscreen #carstereo #silverado #sierra #chevroletsilverado #gmcsierra ... See MoreSee Less


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Jean Delgado put this one on ur truck

Roger Zamora Carlitos Guzman

Jr Mario

Available for 2016 Ford F-150?

Need for 4runner. ...

Para sentra advance 2018 amigo

Volume should've been on the left knob instead of the temp knob

Whats the price on this ?

Already available for 2017 F150. Great unit. Updated version coming soon with faster load times and other features. Cant wait to get my hands on it. Love the unit now. Will be even better with the updates.

Anything for a 2013 Chrysler 300????

Will you make something cool for 2009-2012 ram?

Any new upgrades form 2016 ram

Nayeliand Johnny Saul Garcia waiting on mine. Cant wait. Lol

Infinity g37

Acura TLX is one of the most popular cars on the road and that does not have a radio, Let me guess only trucks get priority. Make some dang universal equipment

Can’t wait for mines to ship to me!! Great job guys

Do u have any for a 12 15 charger

Can someone get back to me about my order that I placed over a week okay and have not gotten any response at all from anyone.

17-18 F-350? Little worried about going to all touch screen and losing climate controls. How do the screens hold up against -20 to -40 Celsius weather? Vehicle parked outside over night type thing. Will there be bugs or issues after turning the key ?

Plans to upgrade the 2015 f150 to the fast boot version?

anyone else having issues getting support??? Ive been trying to replace mine for over a month now..

I have a android vertical screen navigation 12.1inch. I have a one question. How to update firmware for navigation? Current is version 6.0. I want update 7.01

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2 months ago

Phoenix Android Radios

Good News for Silverado and Sierra Owners!
12.1 inch Vertical screen head units for 2014 - 2018 Silverado and Sierra are available for pre-order with 25% discount now. PayPal or Affirm payment is preferred. The items will be shipped in July 2018. 256 color adjustable backlight for buttons and knobs. Please spread the word, and let me know if you have any questions.
#phoenixandriod #verticalscreen #Android7 #splitscreen #carstereo #headunit #fastboot #Preorder #silverado #sierra #chevroletsilverado #gmcsierra
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Good News for Silverado and Sierra Owners!
12.1 inch Vertical screen head units for 2014 - 2018 Silverado and Sierra are available for pre-order with 25% discount now. PayPal or Affirm payment is preferred. The items will be shipped in July 2018. 256 color adjustable backlight for buttons and knobs. Please spread the word, and let me know if you have any questions.
#phoenixandriod #verticalscreen #Android7 #splitscreen #carstereo #headunit #fastboot #Preorder #silverado #sierra #chevroletsilverado #gmcsierraImage attachment


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Waiting for a Chrysler 300 one

Looks great! I have the infiniti Q50 12.1" screen and it's awesome!

need one for a 2012 ram 2500

Frank Stratton

Need for 2013-16 Ford F350

Need one for 2015 Toyota 4runner

Can’t wait . I’m Pre ordered for my 2016 Silverado 2500hd midnite crew..

Sindy Alejandraa Pineda Father’s Day is coming up hint hint😉😉😉

Casey Schmitz

John Schafer

Just pre ordered mine

Is there a Denali sierra version?

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Newest software for 12.1 inch vertical screen head unit for Ford F-150.
1. much improved Bluetooth phone call
2. Steering wheel control works for Bluetooth phone call
3. better factory 360 camera support
4. massage seats support
5. ambient light support

Update in the following order: mcu file, update.img, canmcu file. Put them in to the root folder of a FAT32 USB drive one by one. After plugging in.

Mcu file(to update: setting, system version, press MCU Upgrade):
update.img (it will prompt you automatically):
canmcu file (to update: setting, system version, long press the info, enter 7890 as password, MCU upgrade, make sure 'plug box' is checked, then press Ford upgrade):

Don't cut power in the process.

Demo videos:
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Anything for the Tundra units?

Anything for the Lexus gx470?

Is there a fix coming for the Tundra with manual temperature controls? I have the 12.1 tesla style, it is pretty frustrating to use AC controls.

Any update for fusion?

The first two upgrades worked perfect. The third upgrade loaded and the my unit turned off and won't come back on??? Now what!

Phoenix Android Radios, is there a way to turn down the brightness of the back up camera? I downloaded the update and everything is fine. Until I start using the back up camera. It's super bright and I can't see anything.

Is it the CANMCU file that appears to be causing the rearview camera issue? Did the MCU and UPDATE file work fine? Anyone update all 3 and working fine?

Anything for the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 units?

Hello. When will this image get updated? I tried to install this on Monday and it crashed my system so tech sent me a new MCU file. I had to roll back now I am still running Android 6.1 Do you know when I will be able to to get to Android 7.1? I have a 2016 F-150

I just order this radio, will it come with the new software updates?

Is there a new update for the Ram quick boot?

Any update on the 7.1 fast boot for Ford F150??

Three questions: 1) if the Mercedes metros/Vito unit comes with 4.4.4 slow boot, will there be a software upgrade later? 2) if so, can it include fast boot? 3) if not, do you know when a fast boot version will be released?

someone knows another password, 7890 did not give

Does this work for Mustang's?

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A better video showing how to do Split-screen on Android 7.1 vertical screen fast boot head units. Newest firmware with multiple themes:

Bugs fixed: Bluetooth phone call quality, Tundra A/C temp range, music apps and Here map, Google map compatibility, time display, etc.
Bugs to be fixed: Bluetooth music volume, most gps app compatibility.

#phoenixandriod #verticalscreen #Android7 #splitscreen #carstereo #headunit
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Can’t wait to install the update to my Ram after work!

Will this work with my New mustang unit?

How do I install the update, it gives me an error when I try to download it

We tried one for my bro car it was Honda accord euro 06 really great and easy to replace thank you guys

This will work in my unit?? Chevrolet Cruze 1gb ram, Android Kitkat??

Can I download this to my existing screen? 2017 f-150

Will this work for a 08 ford mustang gt

Is the update ready for Q50 yet?

Does this update work for all of the Tesla Style radio?

I tried to install.. nothing happened.

Not working here. Newly formatted FAT32 USB stick with the file on it but not getting the screen that pops up normally to perform the update.

Are you doing new Lexus GX install videos ? The old ones were removed.

Make a relay for the side view camera in the 9 inch unit and I might give you props.

Any update on 2017 nissan altima yet?

Ford fusion/mondeo support the new software?

Can i install this update to my px3 2g/64g?

Can i full screen video and hide climate and apps icons?

When can I update my ram headunit 4.4 to 7.1

Im trying to get into the extra settings. Does anyone know the default password? Ive tried everyone I could find online. thanks

Will this ever be available for Ford F150?

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Split-screen mode for Android 7.1 vertical screen head unit. Adjustable size. Most apps supported. #verticalscreen #phoenixandriod #teslastyle #splitscreen #Android #headunit #carstereo #Android7.1 ... See MoreSee Less


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What about the people that just bought the previous version?

Any update on chevy cruze

Is it possible to to put more ram in the radio? possibly a newer android update?

I updated my unit to 7.1. Where can i find this option to enable split screen?

Mine works but often times when I put it in split screen it crashes and goes to the home screen. Most often notice this with Maps and Play Music in split screen mode.

Just bought the soundstream vrn-dd7-hb cause there isn’t one yet for the Chrysler 300C 😥 would love to have one and be able to put it in spit screen mode

Sheldon got married??

Which one is for the Lexus es350 2007. I have navigation

Man on I need to get this for my truck!

do you make one for a 2011 Toyota tundra

Like would see an improvement for night time driving.

Price please .?

Civic 1.5T?

Is there one for a 2011 Toyota Avalon????

Is there ant updates for 2014 Cadillac CTS Tesla screens coming? Is there a newer version?

I want the 10.4 for 2015 ram 2500

Does this update work on altima tesla style screen

Is there one for a 2014 ford fusion SE with the 4inch screen and single climate control?

2017 Ford Escape Titanium?????

Looks like 12.1

Still awaiting for 11-14 Mustangs 🤔

I wish i could change theme/icon on my screen

Is there one for a 2017 Toyota Camry

Como se puede actualizar ? Chevrolet cruce 2009

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Great news!
Android 7.1 vertical screen head units with fast boot time are available for two pickup trucks now. Tundra units can boot up in about 3 seconds after the first time, and Dodge RAM units 8 seconds.
Many more models coming soon!
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Will that eventually go for all units??like an update??? Can’t wait to get mine installed 🙂

If already have a headunit does that mean I have to buy another one or can I get an update

Hoping this means they will roll this out to ALL units.

Do you have video on youtube, showing this in action?

So that’s the big question. Will there be a hardware retrofit/update or do we have to buy a new unit?

Yes think it’s a bummer that I didn’t have a heads up about the newer model.. would’ve waited! Hope there’s some form of update

Any updates on the GX470 radio?

I bought the mustang head unit and the boot time is atrocious. I really hope you guys release an update for the model to help boot time instead of us having to buy a new model

Will the one for Maxima support Satellite radio without an extra module?

InfinitiQ50/60 next?

Need it for the Stang!!!

Make one for the 370z, then I'm interested

Of course this comes out a month after I install mine ... Anyone know why the one won’t grab ? I have to set it manually and leave it one time zone behind. Also, my auto lights no longer work. As soon as I turn the knob to auto the lights remain on. 2018 ram 1500 single zone manual HVAC.

I'll buy a fastboot unit for the Mustang as soon as available. Let me know

2018 Mustang?

Ordered one yesterday with express shipping how soon will I get order?

How long for mustang? Are you actually working on a current mustang fix for sound or just telling people that?

Tried installing this today connected all ports but the screen doesnt turn on at all, no display. Based in the instruction. Since mine came in with built in canbus, do I need the obd connection for this to work? The hazard button works. When you said booting? How many minutes I need to wait before the display start to appear? Please help!

They only light up with headlights

What's the ETA on 7.1 with faster boot time coming out for the Infiniti models? Also, any chance of getting the steering wheel harness to be compatible with the Infiniti Q60 steering wheel controls?

How about the GX470?

2018 Camry?

Tried the older unit. Couldn’t get it to work right. I installed the new 7.1.1 unit. Crazy static mainly with Bluetooth. It also will not play music apps in the background. Every time I go back to the home screen or navigation app the music stops. This is driving me crazy!

Any g37 love in the future??

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