MyMedic – A few years ago we decided that we wanted to do something that mattered: make the Best First Aid Kits on the Planet! One’s that are filled with only the best First Aid supplies, are simple and easy-to-use, all backed with a lifetime guarantee and customer service unmatched by any other company. It’s taken years to accomplish but we’ve done just that. So whether you’re looking to take care of cuts and scrapes or a life threatening injury MyMedic is here to help you… Stay Alive!

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Most companies would say something like "Don't take our word for it, listen to this guy!"... not us. We make the best First Aid Kits on the planet so take our word for it AND you can also read this awesome email we just got.
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BREAKING NEWS: We just received this from the Las Vegas S.W.A.T. Team because of our donation of RATS Tourniquet LLC. We couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to support them and donate these supplies after what happened last month. Check it out... Stay Alive!
Check out the email we got today from this Las Vegas Police Officer who used our First Aid Kit at the scene of the Oct. 1st shooting. This is why we do what we do... to help you... Stay Alive! Thanks to these amazing products that we use to create the Best First Aid Kits on the Planet! RATS Tourniquet LLC ORAL I.V. North American Rescue QuikClot® Official Page by Z-Medica LifeStraw CURAD Dynarex Corporation WaterJel Emergency Burn Care Products Anti Monkey Butt Powder READYMAN TYLENOL Advil BENADRYL
Super stoked for our August Contest Winner: Jeremy Wessels of Portland, OR - who just won a MyFAK Premium. We hope it helps you... Stay Alive!
She broke a nail... typical woman. Lucky for her our First Aid Kits work on dogs too! A little Armor Gel, gauze and some SensiWrap made it all better.
Disposing of a dead body can be difficult for a variety of reasons but MyMedic is here to help you do it without getting sick or injured! But If it's a zombie: RUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His teeth are fake but the savings are f’real - Stay Alive! USE CODE: THANKTHEDUB
Continue Mission is a non-profit organization that provides recreational and educational programs that promote health and wellness and positive life changing experiences to injured veterans and their families. Use the link provided to buy your kit and a percentage of every sale goes to support Continue Mission Veterans: We encourage you to share this among your friends and family to raise awareness for their program and to visit their site at Oh, and of course to get the chance to win a free SOLO pack! #ContinueMission #MyMedic
When those around you need it the most. My Medic premium first aid kits.
Yeah...she's tough.
Here is your code: mymediclovesanimalsandmagic
Some of our First Aid Kits come with candy for hurt feelings...
Awesome day with Casey Currie and Monster Energy at the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis in Moab! MyMedic | Stay Alive.
MyMedic Team Member Spencer Luczak hitting the trails. #stayalive
MyMedic Team Member Dr. Mike Meru knows how to show his kids a good time! #stayalive
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars! "Perfect kit." - Mary E. Thanks to Mary E. for the 5-star review of our OopsEase!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars! "Great kit" - Dan B. Thanks to Dan B. for the 5-star review of our The Patrol!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars! "great kit" - Jon G. Thanks to Jon G. for the 5-star review of our MyFAK!
In honor of all sharks... which are awesome. Stay Alive.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars! "My ifak" - Josh O. Thanks to Josh O. for the 5-star review of our MyFAK!
Don't forget the basics: Water, food, friends, and a first aid kit.
Axes are cool.
Check it out... we put the actual Yosemite map on a hat.
Time to help us vote! You pick the winner!!! We're also going to print a First Aid use for the hat in case of emergency on the inside; any ideas on how a hat could be a First Aid device? STAY ALIVE + MyMedic
1. Yes, we misspelled "your" as "you're" - public school system, what can we say? 2. Wow! A few people are really upset at this! Join us on our journey, having a little fun with a serious topic... First Aid. 3. For those of you that have NEVER disappointed your father... sorry, jeez.
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3 days ago


Due to COVID-19, the CDC is recommending Americans wear masks to slow the spread of Coronavirus. We have a freakin’ ton in stock on our website—gets yours now! ... See MoreSee Less

Due to COVID-19, the CDC is recommending Americans wear masks to slow the spread of Coronavirus. We have a freakin’ ton in stock on our website—gets yours now!

Comment on Facebook

the recommendation is to use a mask if you are not able to maintain social distance

Are you telling people these masks are made overseas and yet you're still charging over $2 a mask when you can get overseas ones for $0.50 each? I've reported your company to the Attorney General's office for price gouging. I hope it comes back to bite you.

And it's more to keep your own sneezing and coughing to yourself

Just placed an order for masks to ship to my mom in NY. How long does it typically take for delivery

Are they made in China?

I want some

You should make a mask that isnt for healthcare use out of a more readily available material. Cotton masks for in public/respirators for the field sort of thing.

Do the masks come with Cardiff Crack? Love the hat.

Just ordered some masks and a med kit

Are you giving discounts for healthcare workers?

How are these checked for quality? As there are many counterfeit masks being sold.

I want some!!!!!

This is outrageous and should be criminal in a time of crisis!! $2.95 for a 20 cent mask is rape! 😡🤬

You can buy surgical masks for around $10-$15 for a box of 50. You are charging $3 per mask. No.

Ryan Robbins

Renee White

Vivian No

Reusable ? Or no

I got this email at 2:34, clicked the link at 2:35 and you’re sold out.

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4 weeks ago


Guess who's not raising prices and gouging people during CoronaVirus2020? Us. Because we don't suck. ... See MoreSee Less

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I just ordered a kit today! You guys are awesome!

Ordered a few days ago. How are we looking on shipping times

Did you say you were doing a Rona Giveaway?

Any 20% codes coming out soon. Got my eye on the advanced medic bag?

Just bought our first kit for our trailer. We are super excited!

I’m just glad that I just found out I can re-supply from you all.

Love your products and services

Except for your masks you want $3 each for - when they're $0.50 for the same mask on other sites. Good job.

I just got my order of resupply stuff, shipping is super fast living in the same state lmao!!

Not raising prices, bull! $2.95 for a 20 cent surgical mask is outrageous and criminal!

how does one use and install the molle kit that comes with the patrol kit asking for my self lol

But do you have toilet paper? 🤣🤣

I ordered today, what’s the avg time before you ship out?

Lmao 🤣 still loving my kit I got for Christmas and this post was amazing.

An honest company.

Is there an option to get a CAT instead of a RATS in the advanced myfak?

I was looking at pricing a few weeks ago... I sure does appear prices went up.

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1 month ago


We’re sharing something important on the 10th with our email subscribers, and we want you all to know about it. Sign up for our award-winning emails at! #StayAlive #CyclingLifestyle ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago


... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook


Are you guy legit?

How much is the big red one? That's perfect for what I need.

Have you guys considered adding splinter outs to your kits?

Edwin Sagastume I have two ifak’s and recon see what fits your needs

Emilee Davis

Tadd Woodard

Jacob Ford

Erin Marie

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2 months ago


Check it out. Stay Alive. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Love this video! Excited to see more vids of your products!

This works!! I used Quick Clot for a serious cut on our chocolate lab recently. It worked instantly. I wouldn’t want to be without this product. Thank you My Medic for keeping my dog alive.

Great video I only wish you showed us how to apply it. I gave your page a like I will definitely be checking out your guys’ website and passing this to my friends

Would be nice if you showed real life applications for these products.

Definitely a must have for a med kit.

A must for any prepper emergency medical kit.

Need this

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8 months ago


The world’s first One-Size-Fits-All tourniquet for fingers and toes. Designed by a leading physician, the T-Ring™ provides immediate hemostasis while applying a fraction of the pressure applied by all other available tourniquets. The T-Ring’s™ unique design makes it faster, safer and easier to use than any other method. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Applying a non-elastic circumferential closure device (steri-strips) to an acutely injured finger is not a great idea...

i would close a cut wound but i would be iffy on a puncture wound maybe pack with gauss after irrigation.depeneding on the situation

Like somebody is going to slide a tight rubber thing over an OPEN wound!?!??!

See if Osha will make them mandatory for first aid kits

If you haven’t invested in a great opportunity especially if you have kids then you are missing out

You know someone is going to the ER with this on their dick right?


Brandon Farley

please use close caption lots deaf people want to knopw what u said thaNKS

She has a very long finger....

Amanda Renaé Walker Beth Ward Hileman I found this to be really cool and just wanted to show you (:

Safety first.

When I cut my finger I push it back together and super glue that bad boy

Would you be able to use this on a digit with a torsion or compound fracture? Or a badly mangled digit?

Smart stuff 👍

$15???? For $1.50 buy a box of rubber bands and voila, finger not bleeding. A simple rubber is all that's needed. Trying to take your money.

Smart idea.

Just got mine. Woot!

in a emergency..rubber bands and even hair ties work shoe lace thread all sorts of things 🙂

Hey Monica Wilson, I like that

A a small cut like that? Back in the day it was irrigation, dry and bandaid. Then if it was infected later then hydrogen peroxide until it stopped bubbling. If you had access to H2O2 then clean it with that immediately. If not water will suffice. But bleeding is nature's own cleaning.

being a twoel ans electrical tape work great in a pinch..lmao

Jennifer Bogart....just in case 🤔

Sooooo 1) if you need a tq you should see a doctor 2) steristrips don’t work well without benzoin and definitely need a little more thought during application

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