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Limitless Diesel Sponsorship – We at Limitless Diesel specialize in the customization and rebuild of Allison transmissions. We incorporate the best parts available, including some of our own proprietary parts. Our company is striving to build the strongest Allison transmissions in the industry. Our record holding Allison transmissions prove our dedication to provide the best built transmission possible. We are located in Dalton Massachusetts, but our products reside in trucks across the country. We will take on any build from mild to wild.

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It’s last good bath before major surgery 🙂
It’s not a diesel truck but how can you turn down going to Waco Texas for the weekend and being on the crew for a Jet drag boat 🙂. One of the biggest perks of the business has been the traveling and meeting new people. It’s something not many will ever get the opportunity to do to this extent and I was taking it for granted. For years I didn’t venture off and enjoy the things the different areas we travel to have to offer and would either be working still or being non productive to say the least. Those days are over. The work will still get gone but ive never had the fun I have in the past few months and my only regret is not doing this sooner. I was missing out on so much and won’t ever again. With all that said I spent yesterday getting unloaded and situated and it will be business as usual Monday. All kits and transmissions will be shipped from Louisiana until I head back to MA when I’m done here.
After driving basically 26 hours straight with a few hours to go one of life’s biggest questions has finally been answered 😂
Your wheels look tiny bro 🙂😉😂 as much as I hate the saying PFA this picture is for attention. With phone issues at hand anyone needing anything will have to text or leave a leave message I cannot make or receive phone calls at this time.
We didn’t have much luck making a clean pass Saturday but Friday night at T&T we got Ian’s Blake Crenshaw tunes stock motor regular cab LML just about into the 10’s. It’s just a decent 60ft away from getting there as it sits but with some added fuel and some practice launching the big single it should be into the record territory if it holds together.
C3’s like this is all I ever think of when i read on the internet LML and L5P transmissions will hold 650hp “all day long” with constant pressure well....just because it’s not limping and your truck made 650 on the Dyno yet runs high 12’s in the 1/4 it’s because it’s not holding at all and isn’t putting the power to the ground. There is not enough friction surface and not enough pressure constant or not and there is no way around without a proper build. Even at 525 hp they are slipping and it just gets worse from there.
Berkshire Performance in for a trans just in time for the Smoke and Speed event.
With a few new business ventures coming soon that are going to benefit the Allison world and timelines on builds immensely we are preparing for the first of them now and we will not be doing anymore drive in transmission builds or any work in general out of MA until further notice but we will still be able to accommodate pre built transmissions and kits needed to be shipped out and built the Limitless way just from a new location a ways further south then Massachusetts 🙂 On edit: Until further notice means we just aren’t taking work while getting things in order for the new business ventures not we are closing in MA just for the record.
There has been a ton of calls for a sale so for anyone who’s been waiting to order a kit or converter or both we will be having a 10% off sale August 5. Save10 will get you the savings come Monday.
Now where shall we put this Stainless 5 Blade S485 as single 😬
What a great trip it was down to Louisiana to see our friends at PPEI and Core Automotive. We had to throw the L5P on the dyno to get some baseline numbers before we wake it up a little in the next few weeks. The hospitality and fun had was amazing to say the least and just what the Dr ordered and now it’s back to it at the shop.
While everyone is enjoying their extended weekend let’s not forget all the people who sacrificed and will sacfrice everything for you to be able to enjoy yourself. Being free isn’t a right it’s a privilege provided because of that sacrifice and a lot of people seem to be losing site of that especially in sugar coated entitled world we live in these days. Hopefully everyone has a safe and enjoyable memorable day.
Beautiful weather and a good turn out for the Smoke & Speed event at Lebanon Valley today.
Sometimes in life we try new things and find out while new is fun and change is good sometimes the heart just plain knows what it wants after some time away. The Platimum was fun and a nice truck but at the end of the day there’s just something about a Duramax so it was time to go back.
Kits kits and more kits we can’t thank everyone enough for all the business.
LML in from Maine for a trans today.
The newest addition to shop is the best one yet. Our furry friend Nitro has made himself right at home 🙂
So far it’s not the weather everyone was hoping for opening day at UCC hopefully the weather will start cooperating in a few hours.
Shipping out the last batch of kits before leaving for UCC. Kit sales a through the roof and we can’t thank everyone enough for all the business and support. We will be back to business as usual Monday.
Another L5P just showed up from Michigan for a trans today. There will be a lot of these builds being done. If you’ve got max effort tuning dispite what the internet says you’ll be building your transmission if you want to use that power to its potential.
It’s that time of year we just finished test driving the 2nd of three out state Transmission builds scheduled this week with the last one on the lift. Tomorrow will be a bench build and a whole bunch of DIY kits going out the door all day. Everyone seems to be putting their tax returns to good use.
Perfect condition Built motor LBZ just about ready to leave today with a fresh comp trans and some fresh powder coat.
Super clean LB7 in from indiana for a built transmision.
After many requests we will be offering a few different sticker color schemes and yes finally we will have a apparel on the website in the near future.
A beautiful L5P in for a Trans today.
Finished just in time for us to get out the shop and leave next week to Suncoast this very special Comp build is heading to Indiana and hopefully proves to be our fastest 1/4 trap and e.t Allison by far.
To those waiting on stickers we owe you we ran out but recieved some more today and they will be heading your way.
From now through Monday all DIY kits and torque converters are 6% off. Use promo code Save 6 when you check out for the savings. If there is any questions about kits or choosing the right converter call or text 413-770-3585
For the trucks doing more heavy towing then racing yet still wanting unhook the trailer to play we now offer another very aggressive fluid coupling Suncoast made Limitless Diesel exclusive option in the 1077. The triple disc billet stator 1077 comes out to be a little tighter then the very popular 1078 but with a brake stall of 2000 it still has the RPM to get on top of any stock turbo and smaller VVT options while at the track. These have been tested for the past few months and are on the website ready to order.
All DIY transmission kits 01-16 will be 10% off from today at 4:00 through Saturday.
Our DIY kits have been a huge hit. We are shipping kits as fast we can put them together. If you’re on the fence about building your Allison yourself our kit comes with the best parts available full instructions and all the tech support needed to feel confident you can get through the project successfully.
Incase there was any question in parts quality and capability in our DIY kits here is what our customer was able do with a kit we provided for his UCC qualifier entry. There is no kit on the market that compares to what we can offer.
You can’t test HP90 transmission parts if you aren’t making power.
Everything can’t be all Allison all the time. Our Hellcat converter is back from Suncoast so we can soon get back on our new transmission endeavors with the HP90’s. We will be pushing these transmissions as far as we can in the future to learn all we can from them just like we continue to with the Allison.
The website is finally up and ready for orders. We are easing into it and there is still a lot to add but it’s operational. Anything anyone notices missing or if they have an issue please message us and let us know so we can get everything straight.
Bullseye NLX 75mm turbo T6 1.15 housing. Was a 2.6 smoothbore for a few pulls before it was sent Danville Performance to be converted to a 75. Has hardly any run time $2250
While it ended up being a lot more work then we had first anticipated our website is finally nearing completion. This is yet another piece to the puzzle of streamlining our continuously growing sales.
We can only post so many pictures of kits and transmissions but we're shipping and building just about 7 days a week and have made some improvements on our kit instructions and few overall kit updates to further increase the quality of builds being done by our do it yourself customers. We are in the process of relocating and hiring help to aid with our current growing pains and better suit our customers needs and streamlining our processes to get more volume out the door and keep quality top notch while doing so.
Kit sales continue to grow by the week. The highest quality track and street proven parts and setup coupled with how to instructions and all the tech support you need has really made these DIY kits popular.
Another batch headed out the door. Kit sales just keep increasing we can't thank all of customers enough for the support.
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