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2 hours ago

Tork Motorsports

Another Fiat 500 Abarth on the dyno!!!

Pre-tune numbers were...

147 WHP and 173 WTQ

Results from tune will be posted later today!

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Another Fiat 500 Abarth on the dyno!!! Pre-tune numbers were... 147 WHP and 173 WTQ Results from tune will be posted later today! #fiat #fiat500 #abarth #spider #spider124 #124abarth #torkmotorsports #damnfast #damnfastdd #1.4turbo #fiatturbo #spiderturbo #500abarth #multiair #upgrades

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Lmao 147 whp

Interesting! Love these

Are these cars reliable?

2-2.5x 124 wagon

Anthony Carrasquillo


5 hours ago

Tork Motorsports

Ok guys, I keep hearing from the internet that "staged tunes" are just a scam. I want to clear this up, because information is not a negative thing 🙂

First, we have to explain the process.

In order to figure out if staged tunes are needed you need to know the limitations of the factory parts. The intake, exhaust, intercooler, turbo, wastegate, ect must be tested to the full potential. Then, new parts must be installed, manufactured and verified that they make more power, than stock components.

This is where people get lost with the staged tune process.

If a factory intake is capped at 210 horsepower with a "stage 1 tune" then running a stage 2 tune will not make any additional power and add additional strain on the turbo. The same can be said for the exhaust, intercooler and turbo system on the car. We have to find these "limits" to properly tune for stock or upgraded parts on the car.

Now, a Stage 0 tune will work on any car, stock or modified. But, a Stage 2 tune will not work on a stock car (for several reasons) nor would it be safe to run a Stage 2 tune on a stock car.


Because our tune levels or "stages" run at different boost levels and require different octane levels or require methanol injection to run different "stages". We don't just give it a different numbers, it actually performs at a higher level of performance as you upgrade the tune.

To achieve this, 100's of hours go into testing and tune development. There are several cars that we cannot add a Stage 2 option for, due to the limitations from the factory parts are capped at Stage 1 (N/A applications, most of the time are capped at Stage 1).

Here is the break down.

1. Dyno test with tuning, stock car.
2. Add intake, verify tune, revise if needed.
3. Add exhaust, revise if needed.
4. Add downpipe, revise if needed.
5. Add FMIC, revise if needed.

Now, we are full bolt on's, we build a more aggressive tune and find the next limitation with the car (typically its the turbo or fuel system at this point that becomes the limitation). When we have Stage 2 done, we start taking upgrades off the car to see where we run into a problem. The break down goes like this.

1. Restore stock intake, note power loss.
2. Restore stock exhaust, note power loss.
3. Restore factory cats, note power loss.
4. Restore factory FMIC, note power loss.

Here comes the tricky part of offering a properly designed/levels of staged tunes. If restoring the factory intake caused a big drop in power, we then have to limit our tuned stages to that power level that the factory intake will support.

Here at Tork Motorsports spend a massive amount of time developing staged tunes. Because at this point, we have to figure out what factory parts will not support Stage 2. So, we have to start taking parts off the car, one at a time to verify. So, we will take the performance intake off the car, install the stock intake and verify. Now, we put the performance intake back on the car, remove the performance exhaust system, install the stock exhaust system and verify. Put the performance exhaust back on the car, and move to the next item on the list (FMIC, diwnpipe, WGA, boost and BOV solenoids, ect).

This step by step, by step process of taking parts off the car and putting them back on the car allows us the ability to find the weak components inside of the factory system. Thus, we can differentiate between our Stage 0, 1 and 2 levels of tuning.

Our different Staged tunes perform different and add horsepower and torque as you upgrade. This is not a gimmick or sales tactic that we use, its actual testing and development that we do. This means you are actually paying for something when we offer a different staged tune, not just a number change to the description 🙂

Hopefully this helps explain why we have different levels of tuning and feel free to ask us any questions about our tunes.
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Does this mean I should be running the aftermarket intake with my Stage 1 tune, or is the OEM intake fine for the ES?

Great explanation. I think it goes without saying though, that not every vendor does the same level of work to develop their "Stages" and certainly not every stage between vendors is comparable.

This is one of the reasons I love following your page. I'm usually learning something and as a novice that's really important to me, especially your explanation of how you approach doing this. I bought my 500 abarth specifically because of what I researched you could do for it beforehand, and for that I thank you. It's been nothing but pure joy!

I understand why some consumers can get that way about that, considering a few things: When they don't understand tuning from an old-school perspective (e.g. carburetor). When they see fake news about 100 mpg carbs, TB spacers, and other snake-oil products, and think that a stock engine can make so much more power, but the manufacturer just limits it because of [insert conspiracy theory here]. Tuners that demand you use THEIR branded products for the next-stage calibration, as if another item that does the same thing (hotter spark coil, higher flow intercooler, etc) just can't work the same "magic." Imagine if Holley (carb maker) demanded you use a Holley cam, Holley exhaust, Holley pistons, etc. with their carb. Do you want mods that are well-matched and complimentary? Sure! But just because it has a brand name on it? Silly. There is no magic to a "Stage X" as you mentioned. Hours on hours of putting on and taking off various components, either in-house or other aftermarket, to find the limits of the current calibration, just so you can say "here's what you'll need for Stage Y tune..." Kudos to you and the hard work you put into your products!

You should put this on your website!

Can we bypass a ignition limiter that will not allow a car to rev to limiter or build any power

I need a 7🤷🏼‍♂️👈😂

Well spoken!

3 days ago

Tork Motorsports

Veloster N owners! Whose ready for some performance mods! We now have the Forge FMIC, Intake, and BOV loaded up, in stock and ready to ship!! Damnfastdd.com ... See MoreSee Less

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Nicholas Burns

Yasssss now all I need is the car can't wait for Dyno result with the tune, what you all think can it make 300 at the wheels just cold air fmic blow off, and tune?

I like this car, but in my country Hyundai not sell the Veloster, including the first generation, so this car is very rare to see here. Why this car is no worldwide available?

Do you have any sound clips with the mods?

Brandon T Weydert

Greyson Eaton

Tork Motorsports they selling the N here at cost?

That thing should eat with those modifications!

Chris Santiago

Dan Finch

Joel Graves

3 days ago

Tork Motorsports

Stacking dimes 😉

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He ain't wrapping the corners. Positive shear right there in front of you.

Looks cool, nice stack

Nice bead bruh 👌🏻

Skill envy!

5 days ago

Tork Motorsports

When you plan on working all night, and run out of welding gas 🙁

Welding shop opens at 8AM... see you bright and early tomorrow.

#torkmotorsports #damnfast #damnfastdd #welding #tig #intakes #turbo #oilcatchcan #aluminum #fabrication #kia #fiat #hyundai #mazdaspeed #srt4 #veloster #124spider #abarth #fiat500 #veloster #tucson #kona #forte #stinger #stingergt #welding #rotisserie #manufacturing
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When you plan on working all night, and run out of welding gas :( Welding shop opens at 8AM... see you bright and early tomorrow. #torkmotorsports #damnfast #damnfastdd #welding #tig #intakes #turbo #oilcatchcan #aluminum #fabrication #kia #fiat #hyundai #mazdaspeed #srt4 #veloster #124spider #abarth #fiat500 #veloster #tucson #kona #forte #stinger #stingergt #welding #rotisserie #manufacturingImage attachmentImage attachment

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I have a question about my 2013 2.0 genesis what is recommended for the performance for spark plugs an gapping u guys recommend without a tune?

Do you by any chance sell performance parts for Audi Allroad TT ?

I told you that you were getting low Saturday


7 days ago

Tork Motorsports

Gotta love it when the powder lays down smooth!

#torkmotorsports #damnfast #damnfastdd #welding #tig #intakes #turbo #oilcatchcan #aluminum #fabrication #kia #fiat #hyundai #mazdaspeed #srt4 #veloster #124spider #abarth #fiat500 #veloster #tucson #kona #forte #stinger #stingergt #welding #rotisserie #manufacturing
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Gotta love it when the powder lays down smooth! #torkmotorsports #damnfast #damnfastdd #welding #tig #intakes #turbo #oilcatchcan #aluminum #fabrication #kia #fiat #hyundai #mazdaspeed #srt4 #veloster #124spider #abarth #fiat500 #veloster #tucson #kona #forte #stinger #stingergt #welding #rotisserie #manufacturing

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That red is pretty hot!! 😮

I need mine done..

Once again... Isn't porn prohibited on Facebook? 🤤

Howard has got to love that

1 week ago

Tork Motorsports

KIA STINGER OWNERS! A few more Eibach front and rear sway bars are now in stock and ready for shipment! Get'em while they last! Damnfastdd.com ... See MoreSee Less

KIA STINGER OWNERS! A few more Eibach front and rear sway bars are now in stock and ready for shipment! Getem while they last! Damnfastdd.com

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Oddly enough we have been banned from a KIA Stinger page for letting you guys know we have these in stock. Looks like the competition is unhappy that we have these 🙂

Do you do these for the g70? Are your tunes also universal for the g70 since it's the same engine?

When will we see Tork FMIC's available? That's really what I've been waiting for 🙂

That speed6 tho! 😍


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