Codi Nelson Racing 2014 STI Limited


I have been racing since the age of 11. I started off in gokarts, and I’m now racing my 2014 Subaru STI. I participate in local and SCCA autocross, and plan to start participating in Global Time Attack during 2016 as well. Im also looking to build a spec miata to race next season also. My STI has Cobb SF intake and air box, Cobb Accessport V3, Cobb turbo back exhaust, Tomei equal length header, Cobb main drive pulley, Cobb sport springs, Cobb front and rear sway bars, Beatrush pitch stop mount, STI short shifter, S206 front lip, Vadis style rear diffuser, Hankook Z209 tarmac rally tires, IAG Performance air oil separator, and pro tune from Torqued performance.

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