Wax gods carnuba spray wax

Applying this product was easy and painless. The finish it leaves is showroom quality. I would recommend this product to any one wanting their car to shine like a mirror. See more photos: Click Here [space30]


now when people ask how my car looks so good i can point to the decal and lead them the way. thanks wax gods for all the products you make See more photos: Click Here [space30]

Nitro Chip Tuning Box

I just Plugged it into my OBD2 port under my dash. It was very easy to find. Next i turned the key one click on the ignition (not starting the car). After that I used a pen to reset the chip which I heard there for five seconds. After that I waited 40 second before … Read more

nitro OBD2

It was a very easy product to install =) All you had to do was make sure the key was out the ignition of the car in which you are placing it in, find the OBD2 connector which on my truck it was right under my steering wheel, and push it in, put the keys … Read more

EZLIP Universal Spoiler Lip

This was probably one of the easiest modifications I don’t to my car in the last four years of ownership. All you have to do is clean the rocker panels and the under part of the bumpers thoroughly and then dry them off. Simply peel off the covering to the adhesion and stick them on. … Read more

Nitro obd2

The install of the chip was very easy and I could easily tell after the hundred miles of a testing how I drive that the torque and horsepower increased See more photos: Click Here [space30]