Is really a scam?

Who’s calling us a scam?

The majority of all scam posters are those that have never tried They feel that just because a company is charging money to help get someone sponsored they are most likely a scam. This has been an ongoing problem since started in 2004.

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Confusing with

We ARE NOT We get emails everyday from people thinking we are them. We are and only. We do not have any other sites, are not affiliated with any other companies and do not use the terms sponsored whips in any shape or form.

How can you make sure you are dealing with

We DO NOT call you, we DO NOT charge you $199, we DO NOT ask for you to send us a money order. only accepts payments online and through a secure payment system.

Alleged Scams – Answered

Every business gets bad publicity and its usually one sided, but I would like to address these claims with supported facts. is a SCAM!! – If was in fact a scam why would over 100 leading automotive companies still be partnered with us (most for over 5 years). Why are companies issuing sponsorships to almost every day. And if we were a scam, why are existing members placing thousands of dollars worth of parts orders every month? is NOT fake and misleading – Take a good look at our website. We don’t have fake sponsors, we don’t make misleading claims, we don’t run deceiving ads and we tell you exactly what you should expect when looking to get your car sponsored. We disclose our membership fees on all sign up pages and have no hidden charges. Some of our programs do offer upgrades/add-ons during the checkout process. only sends you decals! – Not true at all. Although we do give you free sponsor decals in your sponsorship package, they are not considered your sponsorships. They are simply provided to you if you want to display them on your car. At when you become a member, you have a selection of over 100 sponsors that are very willing to help you build your car with the help of sponsorships. Most of our sponsors have been with us for many years and they have always offered to help sponsor members, so no, you do not just get decals. is the leader for a reason

Bob Egizi, CEO/Founder, businessman, entrepreneur, car enthusiast, started in 2004 and hasn’t stopped building and improving in the quest to help car enthusiasts land valuable sponsorships. This drive and effort has resulted in becoming the leading car sponsorship platform on the internet. has been featured on TV, the movies, magazines and have led many car enthusiasts to hundreds of trophy wins. With our connections, knowledge and power with sponsors, can help you land sponsorships to help get you legitimate sponsorships.

Choose facts over fiction

Before believing everything you read on the internet it’s best to read through reliable sources of real people that have tried

Bob Egizi
CEO / Founder

The internet can be someone's best friend or worst enemy. There will always be people that feel that they should not have to pay to get help with sponsorships and usually those are the ones that voice their opinions more than others.



At first i was sceptical because a video would show, that it worked then another that it didnt, then one that did, it honestly does a little, i will say i have a smoother throttle response there is support from both companies, it is safe to use on your car so thank you.


It’s great! They really work with you to find whatever car part you’re looking for.
Indivia Exhaust

Rippin Ronnie

Working with Car Sponsors and Extreme Power House has been a breeze. X-PH has thousands of parts in inventory and they have great communication with guest. Car Sponsors has set up everything to work flawlessly, I am super happy with my intake and can’t wait to utilize my sponsorship to obtain my goodies! Thanks Team!
AFE STAGE 2 pro 5R intake


Car sponsors is always easy to work with, and getting these parts went smooth. These brakes are high quality, high performance, and low noise.
4 Wheel Brake Kit - Front & Rear Premium Cross Drilled & Slotted (Black) Rotors with Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

Kayla made connecting and communicating with VividRacing a breeze! They made sure the intercooler we selected was going to work with the skyline before shipping! Even followed up upon arrival! Will definitely order from them again!
Greddy intercooler


It was pretty great i can feel the torque increase easy to install and amazing output
Instant hp


This product actually made my torque better and I could feel my car get up faster than normal!
Instant hp obd2


Working with CarSponsors is always a pleasure. They make it easy an exciting to work with these companies.
Wagner EVO 2 Competition Intercooler


Took very long to get product
Pc 65


Easy to work with sponser and easy to order and anythjng I needed cavfab helped
One ton high clearance steering