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Gosnell jr

I had heard about in the past from a friend who was sponsored at the time. Had seen how fast he was able to get his ride fixed up with different sponsors. I had remembered about and looked them up. Decided to try them out for myself. A lot of products I could use. Going to start out small but will def be ordering and posting videos as well as pictures on my social media pages that I create. Came across slick products among others and so far slick products has caught my attention. The other detailing companies I have checked out has their items as out of stock. Plus slick products has items that the others didn’t. I had also purchased the freshener spray and degreaser spray. Thank you slick products for amazing products.
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Multipurpose shine and protect
Recently washed the vehicle. Had to add the shine to the tires and rims using the Multipurpose Shine and protect. Getting ready to order some more.