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Like most I was skeptical about a plug and go programmer with no other need than to just push a reset button, having used handheld tune programmers before(currently have one in my 99 GMC Yukon) I decided to try it out anyway. I don't know about others who have used it but that little yellow box is not coming off my truck anytime soon. Took a week or so to fully notice a difference in power cause of covid making it the norm of staying in unless its and important errand, but now I hop on my truck just to check the mail box. really do keep their word in helping you out with performance or customization parts they worked out a deal for me with a throttle body spacer for said pick up at a great price only thing is I am lacking the funds ''responsibilities'' but ill purchase it just y'all wait cause I'll be posting that up as soon as I do
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instanthp ecu programmer
it was fast and easy no hassle whatsoever