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I would like to thank first my sponsors for helping me achieve the cosmetic looks for my vehicle that I have always been looking big shout out to Car Lighting District for the cheap discounted quality parts that they have carefully shipped and mailed to me for my vehicle. It arrived quick and on time and safely. Also the parts are very simple to install thanks to the engineering of the Led plug and play snap in lights. Im not only able to have brighter lights but i can see much better at night on those long drive camping trips or those late nights coming home. I feel safer and not to mention everyone can see me alot better too. So because I can see better and my vehicle is brighter it makes me much better night driver also everyone else on the road is aware of me coming around the corner because that gives them time to see me and will be more alert when coming closer to my vehicle. Them being able to see me coming prior gives other drivers more time to be on their side of the road when passing me on a narrow highway. I would also like to thank my agent Bob my agent with for helping me find the right sponsors and the right prices for my vehicle and making this so much easier to be noticed and to save money for me and my family this is by far the best program I have seen for vehicle enthusiasts like myself. Thank you and I look forward to much much more buisness in the future.
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Daytime Running Lightspt#3157
instalation was easy simple and fast. Took me less than 5 minutes to install. Easiest led light installation I have done yet.