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First off I want to thank Morris 4x4 for helping me out with product. You got us back out on the road. Thank you so much... I also want to thank Car Sponsors team for all the work you guys put into making this happen. I have already put a lot of time and money into my Rig throughout the years and have never really thought about looking into sponsors to start doing our overland adventures. We are completing reforming the way our Rig looks for more overlanding instead of mudding and crawling. With that being said, anything that has to do with the engine we are trying to keep it more oem style just because when in travel its easier to find the parts we need and to get back out on the road. Time sitting is Time wasted on an adventure waiting to be explored.
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Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator - PN R2957-MT
We were looking for a direct bolt on for our Rig since we are starting to do a lot more adventures and this product was just that. Everything lined up just like it would if it was the oem factory radiator. It roughly took about two and a half hours to install with completely draining and flushing it out several times.