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I think it would be more convenient for customers if there was a caliper package as well, or maby even upgraded calipers. My only suggestion would be to figure out how to ship the product in one single package.
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Installed drilled and slotted rotors and premium brake pads
I received the packages in 2 pieces, one day they sent a box with rear rotors w/front pads. I was quick and eager to install them not realizing they were the front pads. That’s where things got a little hectic, my rear calipers were seized during my installation and trying to install the front pads in the rear caliper was impossible, clearly the wrong size. It took about two days till the other half of my package to arrive with the front rotors and rear pads. Once they were all here I went and bought new calipers front/rear, I figured that they were the culprit that ruined my stock rotors and did not want to ruin the new rotors I had just received, once I got new calipers, installation was a breeze. With a little grease and a little bit of time, they were finally installed!