Is legit?

Since 2004 has been helping car enthusiast get sponsored. Despite our good intentions there has been a lot of skepticism that has arrived on the internet about saying that is a scam. They are questioning our relationships with sponsors, our sponsorship themselves and they even go as far to say that we are a fraud.

See what actual members are saying about CarSponsors. ** SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE ** continues to be strong despite harsh criticisms

Honest hard work pays off that’s why we have hundreds of member posted 5 star reviews on Not only have we retained 98% of all the sponsors that started with us over 10 years ago, we also are gaining new sponsors at the fastest rate since our inception in 2004. We also have hundreds of thousands of members that have applied for sponsorship, awarded thousands of sponsorships to those applicants, featured members on tv, magazines, car shows and even gave our members access to a real live car casting audition for the movie fast and Furious.

Testimonials and Success Stories from Members

I am sure your wondering if we are the real deal or not. Let me ask you, if a company is partnered with some of the biggest names in the business don’t you think that we must be doing something right? Yes, we get the skeptics and yes, we hear about people saying sponsorships should be free, but what about those that you don’t hear from, the ones that are making our sponsors happy, the ones that are keeping our sponsors with us for years. Let’s take Emerson R. he’s completely happy with our sponsorship services and talks with us almost everyday, Justin S. he got hooked up with a vertical doors kit, James M. he’s making cash with his in-house sponsorship, what about Jonathan C, we just ordered him a front lip kit, Bobby F. is getting his carbon hood from Seibon Carbon, and the list goes on and on.“I honestly never knew i would have the opportunity to get sponsored, or have the full support from the CarSponsors staff. My Agent has been helping me every step of the way, even if I probably annoy her with all my questions, but i highly appreciate her help. You guys at have given me a shot at a lifetime goal that i thought would’ve been impossible for me. You guys are awesome, and I owe you guys my full commitment. My ride is already looking and performing better. Soon, i will be out there attending car meets and shows and feel more confident about my ride. There is no company out there like Thanks a lot guys.” – Kai Gen – New Llano, Louisiana“ has really helped me bring my car to a whole new level of awesome. Not only at car show but also on the track these guys helped me get to the top and stay there. With at my side anything is possible. Thank you CarSponsors!!” – Derrek Rosfield, Seymour Johnson AFB“I started this a few months ago and my car is looking better than i could have ever imagined. At first i was a like “No way this is true” but i went for it and it definetly paid off. My car was running ok but didnt really have any kick, now i have moee kick than my fathers Ford Mustang V8 in a Straight 4! The sponsors that i was acquired got my car running better than ever, Thanks” – Nathan McCarthy, Bergen New York is Legit

If you look at from all angles you will find that we are a well rounded company that offers car enthusiasts legitimate sponsorship from real trustworthy sponsors. Being that we are partnered with some of the largest most respected brands, you should feel confident that you are dealing with a sponsorship agency that is here to help get you sponsored.

Bob Egizi
CEO / Founder



Very detailed and easy to follow instructions from representative. No confusion and very helpful. Straight forward process
Brake rotors


Instant hp is truly that instant torque and super easy installation hooked it up got it in the mail quick thanks instantHp and
Instant Hp


Awesome customer service and fast response. All was quoted, paid and shipped in just a few days!!!
Verde Rims


I honestly felt like this was fake when I first signed up. But I can honestly say that this is real and Im really glad that I pushed through my fear and did it anyways. Thank you for all you have done for me.
Instant HP Torque


Working with Carsponsors Has Been a Blast , I’m Waiting on Luxus Car Mats Now
Debadge/Clay Bar Kit 2015+ Charger Bumper Shipping Protector Protection Kit Washer Color - Titanium LightWrap Dark Smoke Honeycomb Universal Tint Kit - 20in x 2yd  Front Hex Decals - Hexis Forged Carbon Fiber Acrylic Color Decal - Light Blue - C4354 2015+


Work with car Sponsors is really easy and with the delivery was really fast would go with these two companies any time thanks guys Much appreciated
Weapon r cold air intake


Trying these for the first time but I have heard great reviews about them.
Pulstar Plasma Core Spark Plugs


Oracle and car sponsors were excellent to deal with and go the product I ordered in a timely manner. Car sponsors keeps you up to date on the whole process.
Color shift led wheel rings

Patrick makes getting amazing deals super easy! All you have to do is tell the what product you’d like and they reach out to the sponsor super fast. The sponsor (Pedal Commander) has a great product and gave a good discount in order for me to get it! Super easy installation. Amazing results that are noticeable right away. All in all enjoying this experience!
Pedal Commander


Both CS and Oneuplighting for a geart product and cost. Going to refer to both family and friends