Cody Miller is absolutely 100% legit. The communication is top notch, with quick responses from the staff. A plethora of great sponsors who are always willing to help. For an extremely reasonable one-time fee (~a tank of gas) let them work their magic and get you the parts you want, NOW! Trust me, it’s worth it. … Read moreCody Miller

Cody Miller’s Stanced 2013 Nismo 370z

Myself, active duty military stationed in Groton, CT at the Submarine Base. Very active in the car community, shows/cruises every week. The car is #0081 of the Nismo 370z’s, slammed on KW V3 Coilovers, 19×10.5 ES2s wrapped in Michelin Super Sports, JDM-spec rear diffuser, GT-R start, Custom Titanium interior pieces, Custom Short Tail exhaust with … Read moreCody Miller’s Stanced 2013 Nismo 370z

New Iron Man (2003 Pontiac Grand Am)built by Rodrick Neal

Im a 14 year army veteran who served in Haiti,Kuwait,Kosovo,Korea,Germany,Iraq,Afghanistan to spend time with family I started putting my ideas in the car while I was away,So the creation I have you wont see many if any like mine.I have full air ride suspension,custom paint,custom interior,custom stereo equipment,weapon R intake,front strut brace,full Borla exhaust,jet chip,high … Read moreNew Iron Man (2003 Pontiac Grand Am)built by Rodrick Neal