Auburn Plasti Dip

New Auto Paint Company Making Big Splash with Sponsorships

Auburn, NY – Auburn Plasti Dip is a relatively new start-up company that uses a rubber like paint that can be applied in many colors. It is a non-permanent paint that can be easily applied and peeled off. The paint product is great for show cars, or privately owned vehicles.

Although the company is just starting out, it has already built a reputation of honesty with its client base, and is one of the many companies that have joined with to expand their media visibility and increase their business using sponsorships.

Auburn Plasti Dip states on its Facebook page: “We’re starting off with small projects such as rims and other smaller parts of a vehicle. Call for more info on what you want done and we’ll see what we can do for you!”
More information about the company and its product, or how to contact them, can be found by visiting the following link: