Action Clutch

Action Clutch

Action Clutch is a leading manufacturer of hand-made performance clutch kits and flywheels using 100% US materials. The company offers complete services for Rebuilds, Custom Builds, and Modifications. We are excited to announce to our team members at that Action Clutch Inc. is now one of our featured sponsors, and are offering full and partial sponsorships on case by case basis.

Action Clutch also has Performance and OEM Clutch Components such as:

• Clutch Hubs
• Retainers
• Rivets
• Springs
• Clutch Buttons
• Clutch Pucks
• Pressure Plates
• Clutch Disc(s)

Action Clutch Inc. was founded in 1962 by avid racer and automotive enthusiast Gary Bart, a pioneer in developing the early dual diaphragm pressure plates, which are used around the world today. The company began as a clutch repair and replacement supplier for local service shops in the greater Los Angeles area. Now, after almost 50 years of growth, Action Clutch Inc. is joining Car Sponsors as one of our newest featured sponsors! is the number one leading sponsorship agency for the automotive parts industry. Helping you get free parts, cash and discounted parts to customize, add performance or even repair your vehicle. When you need to be backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, we have been there to help you achieve your goals.

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