84 Celica Supra


My name is Cody, and i’m a 19 year old college student happy to own a mk2 supra. My first car was a 79 cleica hatch and sadly that car ended being in a wreck. In the porocess of looking for a new car, I came across this celica supra. The car has come a long way from when I first caught her. Most of the things done so far have been to either keep her on the road, or pretty it up. New rack and pinion, new NGK spark plugs and wires, rabbid chimp intake piping, spectre intake filter, new paint on cam covers, and so on. Most of the work has been in the engine bay, and I don’t plan to stop, although I would like to put more attention to the body. There’s still more work to do and I’ll grind till I get to my dream!

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