18″ Varrstoen ES2 Gold

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18″ Varrstoen ES2 Gold?

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Product Information / Specs

Product Requesting: 18″ Varrstoen ES2 Gold
Link to Product (Can be similar brand): See Product
Product Options/Specs: ES2 18X8.5 ET35 5X114.3 CB73.1 GOLD
Product Retail Price: 981.00
Shipping To: Houston, Texas 77063

Member Promotion

Client Name: Darryn Bolden
Vehicle: 2014 Veloster Turbo

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Member is willing to:
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[blockquote cite=”- Darryn Bolden”]To start, I didn’t click all of the options just to better my chances. I truly believe that is what I can offer and I will elaborate on each:

1. Generate online leads- By getting my car online through the website I am building, I believe I can get other people interested in the products that my car would potentially have installed.

2. Go to car shows- I have always been involved in car meets and attended car shows. So why not finally display my vehicle at some events. Whether I win trophies or not, these events are fun and well worth the time. I love meeting other enthusiasts and would love to show off my car and its possibilities.

3. Hand out flyers- I can do this at car shows, car meets, randomly when I see other “tuner” cars, and even at work. I would definitely be fully invested in this.

4. Make Sales- Through the agreement I have with my place of work (North Freeway Hyundai) I would have my car on display on the showroom floor, again to display the potential of the vehicle. With that being said, selling the products to Veloster and Genesis Coupe customers should not be a problem.

5. Make videos- Having a great photograph and video of my car would be good for my upcoming website and for promoting different parts as they are installed.

6. Post on Car Sites- Having already started a build thread on VelosterTurbo.org and being apart of that community and a few others, this seems to be a no brainer to me.

7. Post on Social Sites- Facebook and Instagram. Pictures and details of my car and others cars go up quite often. Not a problem.

8. Put Stickers on Car- Already have one and hope to add others. They can look cool if placed on the car properly and they add horsepower :p[/blockquote]

Why you should sponsor me:

I should be sponsored because of my involvement in the enthusiast world and the car business. I sell cars for a living through a reputable dealership in Houston, TX. We are all car guys from the owner down to the service techs. We display customized cars on our showroom floor and I reach out to the enthusiast community to set up events through the dealership and outside of the dealership. I have loved cars since I was kid and have always been apart of a community of enthusiast whether it was with the multiple VW’s I have owned, the 2 original Sentra SE-R’s that I modified, or now the Hyundai Veloster Turbo. It’s my love and passion to be an enthusiast and to get out and meet other enthusiast. I have not won any trophies but I have been to shows such as Waterfest, Broke.Down.Dubs, FixxFest, NICO Fest, Cars&Coffee and a slew of car meets. I and some friends also formed a weekly VW/AUDI/BMW meet at a local Applebees on Wednesday nights when I lived in my hometown Warwick, RI. In its early stages it was a 15-20 car meet. At its peak it attracted over 100 cars from the New England area, with some coming as far as upstate NY and New Hampshire. I look to go to shows in the Houston area and attend and hopefully display at TX2K next year. I love my car, I love being around cars, and I love the enthusiast community. I live for this stuff.

Retail Price:


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